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Password organizer books – The strongbox for your sensitive information

Does your mind often go blank when you’re trying to remember your bank account number? Can’t access your social media page because you’ve forgotten that password again? It happens to the best of us. But it’s still a great idea to make sure your memory lapses do not take their toll on your life. One way to do so is to get a book for passwords and account numbers from Mike Murphy Publish. It will save you from hitting the “Forget Password” button yet another time.

Our softcover password keeper books can be used for login details, account numbers, credentials, and other information you want to have at hand. They bring it into one place, so you shouldn’t stress out over forgetting something. Write it down, and you will never have to reset your password just because it’s slipped your mind.

Choose your password notebook edition

Our notebooks are available in several editions. The newest one is your best choice if you want 104 pages arranged in alphabetical order (four pages for each letter). This Internet password notebook edition comes with tabs and indication features on every other page. They make it way easier to find the sought-after account number, secret phrase, or any information you choose to write down.

Other password notebook editions from Mike Murphy Publish have 60 pages. Although they have no tabs, you won’t have trouble finding your hard-to-remember login details. What’s more, our best-selling first edition is available in both hardcover and softcover options.

No matter which edition strikes your fancy most, you will get a notebook that is:

  • lightweight

  • easy to keep out of sight at 5″ x 8″

  • high-quality to make writing a pleasure

  • designed to look nice for years

How to buy a password logbook from Mike Murphy Publish?

If you want to buy a paper notebook to keep your passwords in one place, you only need to:

  • take a closer look at our notebooks

  • choose the edition that appeals to you (consider the number of pages, tabs, cover type, etc.)

  • follow the link to Amazon once you’ve settled on the edition

  • order it on Amazon

These password organizer books will make excellent birthday and “just because” gifts. Buy one for yourself or your friend who often forgets their login information. With Mike Murphy Publish notebooks, this won’t be the case ever again!

Buy it and Save your passwords today!


New Edition with tabs


The most popular first edition


First Edition with different color


Damn I forgot it

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