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Chess Match Log Book

Record and Track The Won Move of Your Games with handy logbook.

This will be a great gift for any Chess Lover.

Product Details:

• Large size 8.5”x11”

• 102 score pages, up to 51 games

• Sections include dates, Location, round, board, result, written analysis, and special with diagrams for key positions.

It can be used for:

• Keep your unique chess-diary.

• Log your important games in any chess tournament.

• Analyze variations of a chess opening.

• Follow the grandmasters’ matches.

• Store weekly games of the chess club.

• Prepare the memento of your best chess games.

A sample record of a chess match is provided as an example of how to log, analyze, and draw a game of chess.

If you are looking for a log book with time record, check

5*8 ISBN-10: 1980989656

8*10 ISBN-10: 198588805X

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Chess Match Log Book

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