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Best how-to-draw books for kinds: Step-by-step tutorials for young artists

Do you want to develop diligence, aesthetic and design skills in your kid? Then you should think about drawing. It is an exciting and helpful occupation to engage children to exercise creativity and manual dexterity. One of the easiest ways to master these qualities is by using learn-to-draw books for kids. Turn your child’s lines and strokes into meaningful pictures with our step-by-step drawing lessons.

What is the right time to start using how-to-draw books for kids?

Typically children start showing an interest in drawing from 1.5 years. At first, they do random scribbling with a marker or crayons, not binding their chaotic strokes into a sort of a completed subject. Kids just begin to explore how their movements result in the lines.

At the age of 2 to 3, kids start controlling their scribbling, transforming them into patterns and figures. In the next couple of years, they begin drawing objects, people, and various simple compositions. It is the right moment to help your kid by ordering them a few how-to-draw children’s books. Not only will it help them to express their personality, but it will also teach them to focus attention.

How to choose the best how-to-draw books for kids?

Interesting guidance is a key to make a child excited about learning to draw. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right tutorial book:

  • It should feature the objects your kid likes or, at least, familiar with. For instance, you can start with animal drawings if your kid likes them and often asks you to draw.

  • Make sure the books you select correspond to your child’s age. Most of the how-to-draw books for kids are meant for the 6+ years old category. However, books for younger children are also available.

  • Choose books with thick, high-quality paper, especially if your child prefers using bright markers to draw.

Clear, step-by-step instructions are considered to be the main criteria for choosing the right how-to-draw children’s books. When passing through each step, a kid should ultimately get the desired result.

Opt for our easy-to-follow learn-to-draw books for kids via Amazon to help your children hone their drawing skills and progress with more complex objects like human characters, animals, etc.

Have a great time together while developing artistic skills in your child!


Best Seller of How to Draw for Kids on Amazon

Woo! Jr. Kids Activities  Kindle 


Dan Green                           Paperback

Barbara Soloff Levy       Paperback  


Kathryn Temple               Paperback 



Peter Pauper Press        Paperback

Joydom Coloring              Paperback

Angela Nguyen                 Paperback

Tracey West                       Paperback 


                                                   School & Library Binding

Ed Emberley                       Paperback

                                                  Library Binding

DP Kids                                 Paperback


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