Add some fun to your writing routine with a unicorn notebook

Even in this digital era, people sometimes need to put something down on paper. Grocery lists, daily tasks, and sketches are only a few examples of what you can find in notebooks. Although writing is still an integral part of our lives, we often lose pieces of paper that we use to make our records. But if you have a nice notebook, you can forget about this problem once and for all. At Mike Murphy Publish, we offer fantastic unicorn sketchbooks that will help you organize your thoughts. By using our products, you will easily keep track of your notes without having to turn your house upside down to find that one.


Thanks to their colorful unicorn designs, the notebooks can quickly grab your attention and make you smile. And of course, children adore them. Plus, you can use our unicorn notebooks for drawing, writing, or keeping a diary – they are perfect for any activity. And they can also serve as excellent gifts!

Shop for unique notebooks for any occasion

At Mike Murphy Publish, we have a vast assortment for you, including:

  • Music notebooks. You can use these to notate parts for any instrument. We even have special journals for guitars with blocks for writing down the chords.
  • Coloring books. Drawing is a pleasant experience for children, and every parent knows this. So, having one or two unicorn notebooks will never be too much.
  • Books with stories about unicorns. Your kids will fall asleep in a matter of minutes and have amazing dreams when you read these tales to them before bedtime.
  • Activity books. There are mazes, cut-outs, pixel math, puzzles, dot-to-dot and Spot the difference games, and other cool stuff inside.
  • Boxed sets with books about unicorns. If your kids like the Phoebe and Her Unicorn series, they will be delighted to receive a box with the first four volumes of the book.
  • Journals. If you’re a fan of unicorns, you should definitely have one of these notebooks for work, study, personal notes, or sketches.

Every journal has a field where you can write down your name. That means you can get a personalized book with unicorns that no one else is allowed to own.

Once you choose a notebook on our website, proceed to Amazon to place your order. We have worked with this platform for a long time, and it has never failed us. That’s why we trust it to process our customers’ orders and deal with deliveries. Have a nice shopping!