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baseball score book

A baseball scorebook from Mike Murphy Publish – The best bet for MLB fans

Are you a die-hard baseball fan not missing out on a single game? Well, it seems we have something special for you. Meet our handy baseball stat book to record your favorite teams’ scores and top players’ performance. By writing down all the essential MLB stats, you will easily make an in-depth analysis of each pitching match by nine grid. A scorebook for baseball will help you develop a coherent picture of the whole season while taking your sabermetric research to the next level. The number of books we sell is finite. Hurry up to order a few via our Amazon page before the next Major League Baseball season.

Buy a baseball scorebook that will meet your needs best

For your convenience, our series of stat books come in various editions. For those who are used to gathering statistics for the whole MLB season, we have a baseball scoring book for 162 games. However, if you’re about to track favorites for only half of a season, you can go for the reduced edition sets for 81 games. On top of that, we offer books for 50 and 30 matches according to your choice.


Our baseball scorekeeping books feature all commonly referenced statistics, including AB, R, RBI, 1B, 2B, 3B, HB, Pitcher IP, R, ER, BB, SO, BK, and TBF. You will find specific fields for sums and position marks inside each book. Plus, you can log all your fave’s pitching matchups to revise them at any time.


Go for your personal baseball stats assistant by following the Amazon links under each item. Shopping convenience and security are guaranteed.

Please your MBL fan friend with a one-of-a-kind baseball stat book

Does your close person live and breathe baseball? You don’t need any special occasion to please them with a thematic gift. On behalf of the hardcore baseball fans, we assure you that our books are perfect for:


  • all baseball fans
  • sabermetricians, analysts, coaches, managers, promoters
  • MLB players


Are you racking your brains on a gift that will be highly praised by your friend? Well, with Mike Murphy Publish, it poses no challenge to you anymore. Gift your friend our blue-ribbon baseball scorekeeping book and get ready to receive lots of heartfelt thanks.


Our books have a well-thought-out design that ensures their stylish look and great practical utility. Want to record all memorable baseball moments and keep them always at hand? Then go ahead and buy one of our scorebooks on Amazon.


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