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At Mike Murphy Publish, we work on a wide variety of notebooks projects. Browse some of the work we have done in our portfolio gallery. Ready to have us work on your notebooks project? Contact us to see how we can make your book come to life!

Coloring Book

Those are Coloring Book best sellers on Amazon.

Blue Star Coloring        Jade Summer        Sasha O’Hare       Cindy Elsharouni        MantraCraft

Alex Fleming        MantraCraft        Audlt Coloring Book        Audlt Coloring World        Sarah Jane Carter

Papeterie Bleu        Wynn Kapit        Colorgrace        Colokara        Amanda Grace        Inspired To Grace


Baseball ScoreBook

Baseball Scorebook: 324 Pages for 162 Games

Baseball ScoreBook: 81 games

Baseball ScoreBook: 50 games

Baseball ScoreBook: 30 games